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Janet Allen and Ann Engel have over 35 years’ experience helping people purchase their new home. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned property owner, we take great care in leading you through the real estate process. We are excellent listeners, taking time to thoroughly understand your goals and wish list, and locate potential properties that match up with what you need for you and your family. 

We want you to have the best experience possible in purchasing your next home.  

Best real estate agents in Corpus Christi! I’d never use anyone else.
— Rachel T., JAL Team Client

Our Commitment to You:

Why choose the JAL Team to Help you Purchase your New Home? 

We know the marketplace.  With 35+ years’ experience buying and selling real estate in Corpus Christi, we know this community like no one else.

We identify your needs.  Looking at possible properties doesn’t begin until we’ve sat down with you to develop a comprehensive list of what you want in your next home – and what you don’t.  We’ll also help identify things you may not have knew you wanted, but that may be ideal for your family.

We give you options that fit your criteria.  We only show you properties that suit your needs, and don’t waste time simply try to make the sale. 

We preview properties before you look at the homes.  Before we show a home to you, we’ve already seen it to make sure it fits your criteria.

We assist with the buying process.  We’ll supply you with information for lenders most appropriate for your financial goals.  We’ll also assist you fulfill any lender requirements for your loan.

We help determine a property’s value for making an offer.  We make sure that the homes we show you are priced appropriately, and if not, we work with the sellers to come to a reasonable solution.

We lead you through the negotiation process.  Buying a home isn’t easy, but with the JAL Team by your side, we’ll help you negotiate your ideal property for the best possible price. 

We'll supply you with a list of licensed inspectors.  With so many years of living and working in Corpus Christi, we have built relationships with many of the licensed inspectors you’ll need when making a purchase.

We assist with the repair process.  Homes are rarely in perfect condition, and often need minor – or major – repairs before sale. We’ll help you find the best contractors and negotiate the best price to make repairs happen before closing.  We’ll also oversee the completion of the repair list and have inspector re-inspect prior to closing.

We attend the closing with you.  We promised to be there through every step of the buying process – and we mean it.  We’ll be by your side at closing, to support you and share in the excitement of purchasing your new home!