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JAL isn’t your typical real estate agent. Janet Allen and Ann Engel have over 35 years’ experience in selling real estate in Corpus Christi. We work on a team approach. Kim Perez, our Transaction Coordinator, is also a real estate agent and assists us in making our buyers and sellers her first priority.  With the JAL Team, you are getting 3 agents for the price of one!

Our goal is to sell your home in the least amount of time for the best possible price.  We are on Your Team!

Janet, Ann, and their team helped me sell my house in the Lamar Park area of Corpus Christi. They were especially helpful in finding and supervising contractors to make various improvements and required repairs to the house. I was trying to meet a deadline to sell the house and when I started stressing out, Janet and Ann met with me, listened to my concerns, and addressed all of them. In the end, the JAL team got the house sold, on schedule, for a good price, in a difficult housing market. I was very pleased with the outcome and especially grateful for Ann’s continuously upbeat and warm attitude during the entire effort. I recommend the JAL team without reservation.
— Schaering Aar, JAL Team Client

Our Commitment to You:


Staging. We know how to present your home so buyers will be able to imagine themselves living there.  Even better, we will help you get your home ready for the market.

Pricing. Properly pricing your property is key to selling.  We’ll help you determine the appropriate price to sell it fairly, and in a reasonable amount of time.

Marketing. The key to selling a property is marketing it to potential buyers as well as other real estate agents and brokers.  We’ll make it happen. 

Communication. We take pride in keeping you fully in the loop, including feedback from potential buyers and other agents that could help you sell.

Negotiation. We will assist in negotiating any offer you receive.

Inspections. We’ll help you find and schedule inspections, as well as review reports and assist you in procuring any necessary repair bids.

Appraisals. We will arrange for the appraiser to access your property and supply them with any information they may need to appraise your property fairly.

Closing. We will help you organize repairs, keep you updated on the loan progress, set up the closing time, attend the closing, and anything else you need in order to finalize the sale.